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Background to CWTL

The 1992 Constitution defines and guarantees the roles of a Chief to include the Queenmother. However, there has not been representation of Queenmothers at the various levels of the Houses of Chiefs.

In January 2001, the University of Ghana organized a National Conference on Chieftaincy, Culture, Governance and Development. Both Chiefs and Queenmothers were invited and at this conference, the need to organize women traditional leaders was developed.

The aim was to create a forum for Queenmothers to present and bring out issues affecting them as well as make their opinions on local, regional and national issues be heard. With time, it became necessary that other forms of women traditional leaders such as Asafo Companies and Neo traditional leaders should not be relegated but should be brought to the fore. In essence, these people cut across the gender divide. They lead both men and women and are consulted by men and women in their communities. The idea is to project key issues for inter-independency and working together. It was also important to know how women in traditional leadership perceive themselves and how people perceive them as they operate within the trend of globalization.

In the interim, various conferences, seminars and workshops were held for women traditional leaders from different traditional areas in Ghana. We made sure that at every meeting, there was regional representation.

Among the key themes discussed at some of the seminars and workshops were;

         Conflict Management, Access to Justice

         Proposal Writing and Negotiation,

         Interstate Succession Bill, Widowhood Rites, Property Rights of Spouses

         HIV/AIDs, Teenage Pregnancy,

         I.C.T Training

        Democracy & Governance, Women in Politics 

Finally, the Council that emerged was the Council of Women Traditional Leaders (C.W.T.L) which celebrates its 10th year of existence from November 24th to December 8th, 2011.